Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stara Posta (The Old Post House)

It is only 80 miles from Vienna to Austerlitz, but the journey took us nearly three hours. Jan did all of the driving on this holiday, and I did the map reading. Unlike our previous visit, we had another hot and sunny day for our journey. We had booked four nights at the historic Stara Posta, or Old Post Office. Despite a minor map reading error driving around Brunn, we eventually arrived safe, if slightly overheated We had visited Stara Posta during our previous visit. It was used by both the French and allied staff during the battle. It has since become the centre piece of the battlefield, with many participants of the annual reenactment sleeping in the large stables. Most visitors to the battlefield pay a visit and eat a meal. Some take advantage of the battlefield tours on offer on foot or by horse driven coach.
When we visited with Midas Tours a few years earlier the owner had given us a guided tour, so we were well aware of the historical part of the grounds. Then it had been raining hard, now it was sunny and pleasant to roam around on our own.
The historic buildings seem to have changed little. They were not damaged during the battle, and if updated or renovated the work has been well done to maintain the original look of the buildings. We had not seen the very modern chalet style visitor accommodation, which is behind the historic buildings. They can not be seen from the courtyard, but are just a short walk away. We expected very basic accommodation, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that each chalet is very large and well appointed. There is also a large underground car park, which is entered from the main road via a concealed entrance.

As our visit was in mid July, we were surprised to find that we were the only visitors. Not just when we arrived, but throughout our four night stay. The chalets overlooked a horse training circuit, and it was nice to sit in the evening with a glass of wine soaking up the atmosphere.During our previous visit the resident display team had put on a demonstration. There are only three of them, dressed as an officer, a soldier and a drummer of the Imperial Guard. We were to see the display many times during our stay; it appeared to be a regular for any visiting coach group.

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